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    Year 8


    Year 8 trip to Regent’s Park Mosque (Islamic Cultural Centre)

    On Thursday 4 June, 8M and 8C went on an educational trip to Regent’s Park Mosque. We took the bus and it was a really lovely hot day. As we were expected to cover our heads in the mosque when we arrived we all put our hijabs (headscarves) on and went into the courtyard of the mosque. Our guide came out and met us. Her name was Jayde. She started telling us about the history of the mosque and buildings.

    The courtyard is often used for prayer on holy days as so many people come to prayer. The first room we went into was the prayer hall which was intricately designed. The ceiling was of geometric designs in a beautiful blue colour. We had to look at things in detail because we had a quiz to complete.

    We then went downstairs to visit the gallery and Jayde told us about the background and history of Islam. We then walked around the room looking at the information and illustrations in the exhibition. Jayde then told us a little bit about her own experience of converting to Islam and we asked her lots of questions.

    On leaving the mosque, we went next door to Regent’s Park to eat our picnic and some girls had a water fight! We then walked back to school through the park which was lovely and sunny. Overall it was a really fun day and we learnt a lot.

    Thea and Ella


    Devon Trip 2018

    Devon....what comes to mind when hearing that word? Well, over this past year many students from Camden School for Girls have been deep in conversation about it about. Constant chatter in the canteen, words spreading from one mouth to the other. Weeks and weeks passed after finding out who got in, waiting and waiting until we were suddenly on the coach. Sitting down we hear Miss Devine say "six hours to go".  After six long hours, we finally arrive at Mount Kelly, our destination!

    Each group was taken to their rooms after splitting up Year 8 and 9, and were given ten minutes to unpack all we needed for the evening. We were told to meet up and had our little "pep talk",  shortly after which we changed into clothes that we didn’t mind getting wet. Even though it was cold and wet that didn't stop us Camden girls from going through extremely muddy tunnels or climbing up water cliffs.  As soon as we got out we were all shivering and numb all over.  Aisha's shoe came off and we all had to wait for Martha to collect it whilst it was being taken through the harsh waters. She nearly had to go barefoot! We got back to the centre and went to sleep as we all thought "not even a couple hours here and we are already tired...what's next?"  We were though excited about what challenge was going to be thrown at us next...!

    Over the next three days, we did all sorts of exciting things like climbing,  abseiling,  swimming, running in mud,  jumping off water cliffs,  sleeping in haunted Nuns Cross Farm and raft building which resulted in all of us capsizing as we didn’t tie the knots tight enough!

    On the coach back to London we were tired but happy,  most of us falling asleep!

    All in all, Devon was an amazing experience - we are all hoping we will get to go again next year!

    Aisha & Raia
    Year 8 PE Ambassadors