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    The Camden School for Girls is proud to be one of the top state schools in the country. In these uncertain times, your help is urgently needed, as state funding alone looks unable to provide the educational funds that our pupils need and deserve. The Excellence Fund offers every parent, alumnus and friend of the school the opportunity to contribute to this vision for the benefit of all our students, present and future, and to tackle the urgent needs of the school. We are determined to provide the best resources and facilities possible so that the school's tradition of excellence can continue. 

    Please click below to contribute to the Excellence Fund.

    Donations are dedicated to the school’s most urgent priorities. Projects include:

    • Significant redecoration within the main school building providing an improved and bright environment for pupils and teachers including new classroom furniture, flooring and windows.
    • Significant improvements and refurbishments to toilets throughout the school.
    • Contributing to the Welfare Fund providing grants to pupils and families in urgent need.
    • Improving pupil wellbeing by providing better space for play and recreation for our younger pupils to encourage physical activity, creativity and enjoyment
    • Improving and upgrading the D&T rooms and facilities

    Future priorities include redecoration of the remaining areas of the school and upgrading the school's very old boilers and central heating system.

    Onwards and Upwards - A History of Camden School for Girls

    A fascinating memoir of Camden School for Girls which was founded in 1871 by Frances Mary Buss. Written by Fiona Millar, writer, journalist and CSG alumna with photographs and archive material spanning the decades across 150 years.

    A must-read for everyone in the Camden community!

    We suggest a minimum donation of £10 which includes UK postage and packing. We also welcome regular donations, no matter how small, to sustain our excellence for another 150 years to come.

    All proceeds support the Camden School Foundation of Frances Mary Buss (registered charity number 312763) the funds from which are used for the benefit of the whole school.


    The Foundation of Frances Mary Buss

    Registered Charity no: 312763

    In the mid-19th century, the school’s illustrious founder, Frances Mary Buss took on the educational establishment and became one of the leading architects of state education for girls across the country. Her quietly determined and ground-breaking work established both the North London Collegiate and Camden School for Girls at a time when there were few educational opportunities for girls and certainly none for those with limited means. Her vision is remembered and celebrated every year at the school’s Founder’s Day and lives on in the achievements of the school, and the school’s charity, the Camden School Foundation of France Mary Buss.

    Ms Buss started her schools with the help of charitable donations rather than with government funding, and our school retains Voluntary Aided status to this day. This means the Foundation must contribute to the maintenance of the school’s buildings and infrastructure and continues to support the school financially where needed. Unlike many schools in the private sector which were founded with large bequests of land or money, Camden School for Girls has no such wealth to fall back on. Instead, we rely on donations to support the best educational provision for all pupils.

    For more details of the school's history click here.

    Current Trustees of the Foundation are:

    • Lekha Klouda (Chair)
    • John Atmore
    • Diamond Ashiagbor
    • Bob House
    • Angela Mason
    • Janet Pope
    • Hannah Donat

    Contact the trust C/O The School Bursar:
    020 7485 3414
    Camden School for Girls
    Sandall Road 

    NW5 2DB

    Legacy Giving

    Have you considered remembering Camden School for Girls in your will?

    Any legacies that donors give to charity are exempt from inheritance tax and could reduce the amount of inheritance tax that would otherwise be payable on an estate.

    Please read the Legacy Information by clicking here.