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    The Camden School for Girls is proud to be one of the top state schools in the country. We rely on regular donations from parents and alumni to improve the facilities we can provide for all our pupils. After years of limited government funding and increasing costs, we need your help.




    Donations are dedicated to the school’s most urgent priorities. Current projects include:

    • Improving pupil wellbeing by providing better space for play and recreation for our younger pupils to encourage physical activity, creativity and enjoyment
    • Improving the air quality around the school site with a program of planting green screens around the perimeter of the school
    • Improving paths around the school
    • Improving teaching spaces
    • Improving and upgrading the D&T rooms and facilities
    • Redecorating the art studio and student toilets

    Front of the school before the green screen:



    Outdoor space before:



    Netball Court before:


    Please give as generously as you are able and use the donate link below to set up a regular gift or make a one off donation.




    The school is grateful to have the support of Camden School's Community AssociationCASCA and of many Alumni and Friends. If you have contacts with other potential supporters such as businesses or are in touch with alumni of the school, please do get in touch



    Camden School for Girls is a non-diocesan Voluntary Aided (VA) school.  The Foundation of Frances Mary Buss (registered charity number 312763) owns the land and School buildings and is responsible for maintaining these rather than Camden Council. When the Foundation receives funding to carry out building work at the school, it has to pay 10% of the costs. The Foundation is also responsible for emergency repairs and replacements, for example, if the boilers in the school stop working and need to be replaced. The Foundation does not have large reserves and relies on regular donations from parents and alumni to raise enough money to pay the 10% contribution towards building works and improvements.




    Recent building projects have included:

    • Refurbishing the science labs on both floors of the main building.
    • Updating interactive panels, computers and IT hardware in the whole school.
    • Updating fire doors and smoke detectors in the main building to improve health and safety at the school.

    The object of the Camden School Foundation of Frances Mary Buss is the provision and conduct of a day school for girls in or near the London Borough of Camden, called the Camden School for Girls. The school has the power to admit boys to the sixth form. The school is a comprehensive school which serves the local community by providing education for girls between the ages of 11 and 16 years. It offers a wide-ranging curriculum, excellent teaching and a wealth of extra curricular opportunities. 

    The sixth form admits girls and boys of normal school age within its capacity who wish to continue their studies in a school setting. These pupils need to meet the grade entry requirement to pursue the courses available.

    The principal purpose of the charity is to secure the future of the school: this involves the maintenance and development of the school buildings in order to enhance the educational environment and experience of its pupils.

    Current Trustees of the Foundation are:

    • Lekha Klouda (Chair)
    • John Atmore
    • Diamond Ashiagbor
    • Janet Pope
    • Angela Mason
    • Penny Wild
    • Hannah Donat

    Contact the trust C/O The School Bursar:
    020 7485 3414

    Camden School for Girls
    Sandall Road 
    NW5 2DB