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    School Assemblies

    Assemblies - Main School, 08.45 - 09.00:


    Monday Whole School
    Wednesday Year 11
    Thursday Year 8
    Year 9
    Friday Year 10
    Year 7


    Assemblies at CSG are an important feature of school life. They are one of the many ways by which we come together as an entire school community and are a significant focal point for the week. The main intention of assemblies at CSG is to affirm the identity, culture and ethos of the school. They are a crucial time for reflection; enabling students to develop their learning of values, empathy and aspirations. Assemblies actively celebrate the diversity of the school population. They are used to address important issues and occasions on a local, national and global level, as well to celebrate, share and reflect on school life and achievements. Teachers and students are active participants in assemblies, demonstrating leadership as well as organisation and presentation skills. The rich and broad programme reflects the contributions from across the school community.  

    Date Topic Lead
      Black History Month