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    You may often have asked yourself philosophical questions without realising that you were doing philosophy. Questions such as:

    • What is the mind and how is it related to the brain?
    • Am I ever free to choose or are all my choices determined by factors that are beyond my control?
    • Why should I be tolerant of others?
    • Is our political system the best that we can have?
    • What would an absolutely fair society be like?
    • Why does the universe exist?
    • Does God exist?
    • Is morality just a matter of opinion?

    Studying straight philosophy involves not only asking and trying to answer these questions, but also thinking as carefully and clearly as possible about what such questions mean. If you find yourself being puzzled by questions of this kind then philosophy could be the subject for you.

    Year One

    • Epistemology (Theory of knowledge: how do I know what I know?)
    • Philosophy of Religion (What are the arguments for and against God’s existence)

    Year Two

    • The Philosophy of Mind. (Is the body related to the mind or are they two separate concepts?)
    • Moral Philosophy (Can we know what good universally is or is it purely subjective?)

    These subjects will be examined in June.

    Please note that there is no coursework.

    More information about the syllabus can be obtained by visiting the AQA website.

    Examinations Required: Two 3 hour papers.

    • Epistemology and Moral Philosophy
    • The Metaphysics of the Mind

    Entry Requirements:  As stated in the Admission Policy

    Exam Board: AQA