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    The Classics Department at CSG provides all students with the skills to investigate, evaluate and appreciate the different cultures, languages and achievements of the Romans and Greeks, understanding and evaluating the impact of the ancient world on the modern day. Unique within the maintained sector in London, our department offers Latin, Classical Greek and Classical Civilisation to all students at all key stages. In each of our subjects, we aim to develop students’ literary, historical and linguistic skills, enabling young people to explore other cultures as well as their own from a variety of different angles.

    By exploring the roots of modern European language and literature, students develop rigour and precision, which enables them to critically evaluate language, argue from different perspectives and communicate ever more effectively; by engaging with a breadth and depth of stimulating and enriching original source material from the ancient world, learners develop their visual, textual and cultural literacy, enabling them to appreciate, analyse and find new meaning in the world around them.

    Our courses are enhanced by a vibrant programme of extra- curricular activities, including visits to the theatre and museum collections both in and outside London; lectures and guest speakers, and annual residential trips to Greece and Italy to experience classical sites and cities firsthand.

    Taught with expertise and passion, encouraging creativity, personal response, articulacy and accuracy, Classics provides an opportunity for every student to discover an aspect of the ancient world which allows them to express and explore their individuality, be it through language, literature, history, art or cultural investigation.

    Curriculum Information:

    Year 8 Classics Year 10 Ancient Greek
    Year 9 Classics Year 10 Classical Civilisation
    Year 9 Latin Year11 Ancient Greek
    Year 10 Latin Year 11 Classical Civilisation
    Year 11 Latin  



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