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    The Linear A Level course covers 3 topics:

    • Organic
    • Inorganic
    • Physical

    The organic module cover topics such as Alkanes, Alkenes, Halogenoalkanes and Alcohols.

    The inorganic modules cover topics such as Periodicity, Group 2 and Group 7.

    The physical modules cover topics such as Atomic structure, Bonding and Energetics.

    The coursework element in the new A level Chemistry has been replaced by a focus on practical skills over a range of core practicals. There will be a new exam paper with questions related to these core practicals.  About 15% of total marks in the A Level exams will be based on practical questions. As well as answering questions in written exams, students’ practical skills will be assessed by teachers. This is in addition to the A level grade and will be reported as a ‘Pass’ on A Level certificates. 20% of the marks on Chemistry papers will require the use of Level 2 mathematical skills.

    There will be 3 exams at the end of year 13 covering all of the topics and questions relating to the core practicals.

    Entry Requirements: As stated in the Admission Policy

    Special Requirement: Grade 6/6 or above in combined science or two grade 6 (including Chemistry and one other science) if taken as triple science

    Exam Board: AQA