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    The Sixth Form is a very outward looking and sympathetic body of students who support charities wholeheartedly. We do this in a variety of ways from simply holding out buckets at school events, asking parents for their support, to actually putting ourselves on the line and doing something big or small to help raise money.  Every year the whole of the Sixth Form vote to support one national and one international charity.

     As our students come from different backgrounds they bring their own desires and dreams, identifying people who we should be holding out a welcoming hand to and this has taken them into homeless peoples’ shelters, the local hospital, an  animal welfare centre and many others.

    Some of our charity events are long term, we have supported Crisis at Christmas for at least ten years, raising money by singing carols at one of London’s tube stations, thousands of pounds have now been raised this way. Last year our students raised money through a talent show, bake sales and other innovative initiatives so we were able to donate £185 respectively to 'War Child' and ‘St. Joseph's Hospice’.   Every autumn the Sixth Form supports the whole school in raising money for Breast Cancer by having a ‘Pink Day’ where there are competitions, cake sales, the ‘Pink Police’ and of course we all dress in pink!