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    A welcome from the Headteacher

    Camden School for Girls is steeped in history and has a long standing tradition of providing an exceptional education for all its students. The pioneering work of Frances Mary Buss and the dedication of the subsequent school leaders and staff has culminated in the tremendous institution that the school is today and I am honoured to ‘take up the baton’.  

    Excellence – ambition and challenge for all

    I have a firm belief in the transformative power of education to change and shape the lives of students and their families, and my commitment to excellence and rigour in a nurturing environment is relentless. Camden School for Girls is very ambitious for all its students, providing the highest quality of education to all, regardless of their background.

    Over my many years in education, I have strived to increase opportunities for students in the state sector. I have used partnerships with universities, the independent school sector, the commercial sector and, last but not least, the strong parent and alumni networks, to enrich the provision of the school. I hope to bring much of this work to the school in order to further broaden the wealth of experiences for the students, for there is no ceiling to ambition and no limits on achievement for all at Camden School for Girls.

    Kateryna Law , Headteacher

    Kateryna Law 

    Relationships - care and compassion

    Upon first visiting the school, I could see that CSG has a school culture deeply rooted in building and sustaining strong relationships. This has always been very important to me and something I will sustain and develop. In my experience, achievement at the very highest level is only possible if the right support is in place, humane to the core. As an undergraduate in my first term at the University of Oxford, it was due to the care and compassion of the tutors that I was able to navigate a difficult first term and that legacy serves to remind me regularly of the power of empathy.   

    Community – listening and learning

    The whole can be much greater than the sum of its parts and this is never more true than in schools. It is important to me to understand and build on the excellent work of the school to date. My main focus in the first few months in the role will be to listen, to learn and to discover the wealth of talent that exists here.  I am committed to working with all members of our wider school community, past and present, in order to identify ways in which we can further build on the excellence already here. As a parent, this has always been important to me, and I will be seeking your views regularly and often in how you can make a difference to the school. I am looking forward to fundraising events in particular, and as a keen (though it must be said rather slow!) runner, an avid reader and an enthusiastic gardener, I am looking forward to personally getting involved!

    Vision – innovation and creativity

    An institution this good must never stand still. A fundamental part of my vision for the school is to create an environment where innovation and creativity really thrive. It is the ‘out of the box’ thinking that is so crucial when building upon excellence and creating something very special, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. From introducing A-level concepts in Year 9 to working with new and exciting mediums in practical subjects.  From using technology to achieve efficiency and effectiveness of learning to finding new and imaginative ways to communicate with the school community. Really opening up our thinking and looking for ways in which we can further enhance the educational experience of the students is absolutely key.

    We are all united in one goal, to provide the best possible education for the students of our school. Together with the leadership team and the school governors, I hope to continue the tremendous work of Camden School for Girls and lead the school into its next chapter.

    Kateryna Law