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    Geography after lockdown

    Last Tuesday was the autumn equinox, an important day for geographers all over the world, because whether we were penguins or polar bears or elephants, we all experienced 12 hours daylight and 12 hours night.  Now the nights are drawing in.

    Last Tuesday was also an important day because Y13 geographers, after months of being cooped up under lockdown, were finally able to go out and do some fieldwork.  Their residential fieldtrip to East Sussex having been cancelled last term, we headed for Hampstead Heath on a glorious day.  Students practised nearly 30 primary research techniques which will be helpful when they come to do their coursework.  Now they know how to recognise the difference between pollution-tolerant and intolerant lichens.  They know how to organise an "Urban Drift" -  and they determined how to recognise a "Clone Town".

    Mr Evans

    Head of Geography