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    Headteacher’s News

    This week: Danceathon, Summer exam series

    On Friday 21 June, students at Camden School for Girls danced all day. Preparations had been made in PE lessons, with each form choosing their own music and practising a dance in which everyone was involved. Our hall was transformed into a very inviting dance space, with green-themed decorations and professional lighting, and the standard of the dancing was most impressive. The Head Girl Team provided face painting, encouragement and a commentary on proceedings, and our judges had very tough decisions to make about the winning teams. The PE ambassadors were easily identifiable in their distinctive red tee-shirts, and they demonstrated exceptional motivational skills by circulating around the hall, encouraging everyone to dance, and by getting up on stage to show us how to follow a routine.

    The teaching staff proved highly disciplined, as one would expect, and they danced their way through break without stopping, providing the students with a brief rest and a great deal of entertainment. Ms Devine and Ms Hamilton danced all day long, and really made the event a success through their careful preparation of the students in the past few weeks and their exceptional encouragement and modelling on the day.

    But it was the students’ participation that made the event such a joy. They created an atmosphere that was electric - joyful, enthusiastic and inclusive. Everyone joined in. It was a real pleasure to watch and to admire.

    Enormous thanks to Nicola and Tim Longfoot for all their hard work in making it happen again - a real triumph! Have a look at the Danceathon gallery below.

    Danceathon Gallery

    Summer exam series
    The summer GCSE and A level examinations are finally over. Students have come along to these well-prepared and keen to prove what they can do - and I wish them all a very restful few weeks before the results come out later in August. Many thanks to all parents who supported their children through this challenging experience - you really are the unsung heroes of the education system!

    Elizabeth Kitcatt