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    How to Control Your Emotions so Your Emotions Don’t Control You

    Emotions are a power of the mind and influences the energy you give out. There may be times for example, when you are angry and say something you didn't mean, or times when you are sad and don't speak at all. Gaining control of such emotions can actually make you become mentally stronger and help you understand yourself on a deeper level. Many people decide to ignore their emotions, and pretend they aren’t feeling any sort of pain at all. This isn't good as it doesn't take your emotions away but makes things worse by putting you into a higher chance of turning to smoking, drinking etc.

    It's crucial to acknowledge your feelings whilst recognising that your emotions don't have to control you. You can choose how to control your emotions and here are some tips on how to do so:


    • Recognise your emotions: You need to recognise when your emotions are out of control. Think about how it feels and what physical symptoms occur whilst feeling those emotions. Let yourself acknowledge what is happening to make room for better understanding of yourself.
    • Picture your emotional thoughts realistically:  If you are panicking about something then you are more likely to over think to the point where unrealistic thoughts will bombard your mind. Try to collect yourself together and wonder what you would say to a friend as advice.
    • Rocket Boost Your mood: When people are sad they tend to engage themselves in activities which keep them in that mood e.g. listening to sad songs, isolating yourself in your room etc. To feel better you have to take positive action. Things you could do instead: 
    • - Listen to uplifting music
      - Call a friend (talk about positive things)
      - Take a walk
      - Meditate
    • Communicate with others: Try using ‘ I ‘ statements when letting someone know how they made you feel, because it may sometimes seem as though you are blaming them. For example instead of saying “you don't care about me” you could say “ I felt hurt because…” . By using such alternatives, not only will the other person understand how you felt but will also reduce the falling out with one another.

    Note :

    I hope this article has helped you to recognise that you can control your emotions and gain a stronger mentality, just try your best to stick to practising such tips and you will be able to also understand yourself better.


    This article will unfortunately be my last piece as in the following week I will be sitting my GCSE exams (wish me luck) and so I guess this is my Goodbye :(

    However, articles will still be put up, just not by me anymore.  If you do have any questions to ask/advice you want then email:

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