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    Virtual Reality Design Project - Design your own Playground

    On Friday 15 of February 15 students in our DT class were invited to participate in a workshop using VR to design an outdoor recreational area in CSG’s grounds. The workshop was led by architects Alex Anderson and Paula Strunden.

    In our previous DT lessons, we had drawn designs of ideas of the kind of things we could make. We began by using google cardboard goggles to see our 2D designs in 360 degrees. After this, we began to turn our designs into models made out of clay and other materials. We each choose an aspect of our design and model that we liked and while everyone else made our models one by one we made our designs in VR using a proper headset and controllers. ‘Inside the VR headset it was wonderful! You were suddenly in a whole new world just for yourself where you could build and create anything you wanted.’

    Paula and Alex then showed us how they had used our models that hadn’t been chosen for the design process using the headsets we saw they had been turned into VR by taking multiple photos from different angles of them and transferring them into digital space ready to populate the VR CSG grounds.

    In the end, we all got to see our models and VR designs transferred into a VR netball court. We got to explore each other's designs such as slides, teepees and shelters with seats. The workshop was extremely fun and interesting as we got to learn about new topics like virtual reality, photogrammetry, isometric design and other techniques to jump between digital and analogue making. We also learned about what careers you could pursue by studying Design and Technology and STEAM subjects…. and just like that before you knew it the day was over.

    We really enjoyed the workshop, it was great fun! The Design and Technology department would love to thank Store Projects, , and architects Alex Anderson and Paula Strunden for providing our year 8 CSG students with such an amazing experience.

    VR Gallery

    If you would like to explore more here is the link to the edited 360 initial playground designs:

    By Cecily and Anna
    Year 8