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    Food for Thought

    School Dining Hall

    The school catering service is run by the school. This enables the school to respond quickly to feedback from students and staff and means that the school can offer good quality, balanced meals at a reasonable price. The Dining Hall is cashless and meals are mainly purchased using biometric data. This reduces the possibility of students losing dinner money or lunch cards. Parents can top up their child’s lunch account at any time and from any location using ParentPay. The daily food offering to students has changed over the last few years after the discussion with the school council. The school is committed to producing healthy but tasty food and reducing the amount of waste that is produced.

    In June 2018 all students were given a refillable water bottle by CASCA, the school’s community association, to reduce the need to purchase bottles of water and in September 2018 the school stopped the use of disposable cutlery, plates and bowls to reduce the amount of plastic waste produced each break and lunchtime. This was also assisted by CASCA.

    The school has purchased a plastic bottle recycling bin to encourage students to recycle drink bottles after use.


    The lunch menus run on a three-week rotation and are publicized on the school website and in the Dining Hall.

    Details of allergens can be found on the school website and in the Dining Hall. Further information is available from the catering team, who can be contacted through the main school email address.

    • Table salt is not available in the canteen and sauces are only available in sachets to restrict usage.
    • Fresh fruit is available every day and can also be purchased as part of a healthy meal deal.
    • Water, milk and fruit juices are the only drinks available.
    • A vegetarian main meal option is available every day.
    • The pasta bar and jacket potatoes are available every day in addition to the main meal choices.
    • There is a range of hot and cold sandwiches and wraps available every day.
    • A selection of vegetables and salads are available every day.
    • The Free School Meal allowance enables students to purchase a healthy main meal and either a piece of fruit or a dessert each day.
    • Students entitled to Free School Meals are not identifiable.
    • Additional seating provision in the Dining Hall means that students have the opportunity to sit together at lunchtime and enjoy their well-earned break.

    Students are allowed to take bottles of water into lessons. No other drinks are allowed. There are cold water fountains around the main school block.