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    Examination Contingency Day

    Dear Parents

    I hope your daughter or son found the recent mock examination series helpful in identifying strengths and areas for further study. The results indicate that students have made excellent progress towards their academic goals and most of them revised carefully and purposefully.


    I am writing to inform you that the JCQ and Ofqual require schools to set aside an examination contingency day. The following is an extract from Ofqual’s web page:

    The 2019 timetable has a new feature – a contingency day on 26 June 2019.  This will be used if a significant, unexpected event arises nationally or locally during the exam period such that no students (or a large number of them) are able to take an exam when planned. Of course, we all hope there won’t be such disruption and that the contingency day won’t be needed. But students should be available throughout the exam period, including on that day, in case their planned timetable is disrupted.’


    Please make sure that no holidays are booked for this date. Your daughter or son must be available and able to come to school at the usual time for examinations on that date in case any emergency leads to a public examination being disrupted.

    This is a national requirement and cannot be changed. We are also informing all students of this.

    Elizabeth Kitcatt