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    Greener City Fund Community Grant

    Everyone at Camden School for Girls is committed to improving the working environment for all students and staff at the school. We believe that it is important to allow the students to develop and learn in a safe and inspiring environment. 

    In order to improve the air quality in and around the school, we have successfully applied for a Greener City Fund Community Grant. The purpose of the grant is to improve the school air quality by planting a green screen around the perimeter of the fence on Camden Road. The green screen will be made up of 200 individual evergreen plants including Hedera Helix Woerner and Jasmine and should reduce levels of pollutants, most specifically Nitrogen Dioxide and particulate matter. It will also have the added advantage of reducing noise pollution in classrooms as well.

    The project has been estimated to cost £10,500 and the school has been awarded £8,400 from The Greater London Authority. We will need to match fund the remaining £2,100 and we have asked CASCA to help raise this match funding.

    Once the project is underway we would like to work with volunteers within the school community to help maintain the screens and improve the grounds for the benefit of the students.

    The Greener City Fund press release:


    R Bradshaw