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    Headteacher’s News

    This week: Year 11 and Y13 mocks, Dental Health, New Year resolutions, Catch-up and Silent Study

    Year 11 and Y13 mocks
    Our Year Eleven and Year Thirteen students have now completed their mock, or pre-public examinations weeks. This provides students, teachers and parents with excellent information about students’ current performance and about areas that still need work.

    We recognise that this is a stressful experience.  However, feedback confirms that the summer exam series is far easier to cope with for students who have gone through the mock exam sessions.


    Dental Health
    Your teeth can last your whole life if you look after them - especially as a teenager! Follow the links below for more information about dental health.


    New Year resolutions
    At the start of term, I suggested to the main school students that they should try a new club this year - see below for the astonishing range of clubs and activities on offer in school every week.  A list of available clubs are on our website and shown here:




    Day and Time



    Thursday 3:35pm

    Pottery room - Art Dept staff rota

    Classics/Latin/Ancient Greek

    KS4 Classical Civilisation, Latin, Greek:

    Room 35  Mr Bateson

    Friday lunchtime, 1pm

    Design Technology 

    KS3: Thursday 12.50pm

    Room C13/C10  Ms Ronayne


    KS4: Tuesday 3.30-5pm

    Room C13/C10  Ms Ronayne

    Resistant Materials

    KS4: Wednesday 12.50-1.30pm (lunchtime)

    Room C13/C10  Ms Ronayne


    Poetry Society Club 

    Room C24  Ms Gwinnell

    Years 10+11 - Wednesday 1pm


    Thursday 3:35pm - all years welcome

    Room 26  Mr Evans & Ms Boardman


    Debating Society - all years welcome

    Room 36  Mr Gunn

    Tuesday 3.50pm-4.30pm


    IT Club/Homework Club

    Room 39  Ms Man

    All years welcome - Monday 3.40pm


    KS5 Maths Club - Thursday 3.40pm

    Room 35 - Maths teacher rota


    Room 31 - Maths teacher rota

    KS3 Maths Club - Tuesday 1pm



    MFL Homework clubs:



    Room 311 Ms Manas

    Spanish: Tuesday 3.40


    French: Tuesday 3.40

    Room 47  Ms Benzina


    Big Band - Monday 1pm

    Room C30  Ms Hannent

    Chamber Choir - Monday 3.30pm

    Room C30  Ms Gordon

    Junior Woodwind - Tuesday 8.30am

    Room C30  TBC

    Concert Brass - Tuesday 8.30am

    Room C30  Mr Martyn

    Symphony Orchestra - Tuesday 3.30pm

    Room C30  Mr Byers

    Junior Strings - Wednesday 8.30am

    Room C30  Mr Byers

    Junior Voices - Thursday 3.30pm

    Room C30  Ms Gordon

    Junior Jazz - Thursday 1pm

    Room C30  Ms Yeoh


    KS3:  Science club - Wednesday 1pm

    Room 13

    KS4: Science club - Monday 1pm 

    Room 312

    KS4: Science club - Thursday 3.40pm

    Room 312/39

    GCSE Breakfast Club (by invitation only) - Thursday 8am-9am

    Room 312


    Philosophy reading group - Year 11 & KS5 - Thursday 3.30pm

    Room 12 
    Mr Cottrell-Boyce

    Homework club - all years welcome - Friday 1pm

    Room 43 
    Mr Cottrell-Boyce


    Independent Study in the Library every day after school until 4.30pm

    Ms Green


    SEE SEPARATE TIMETABLE on our website

    Ms Devine/Ms Hamilton


    Catch-up and Silent Study

    The Tuesday Catch-up and Wednesday Silent Study sessions are excellent opportunities for students to catch-up on missed work or complete homework or classwork if they have fallen behind.

    Tuesday Catch-up runs from 3.30 - 4.15, and Wednesday Silent Study is from 2.50 - 3.35. Please make sure you attend (parents, please reinforce this at home) if you are asked to do so.


    Elizabeth Kitcatt