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    Kitchen Garden Project ​​​​​​​

    A big thank you to the Y7 and Y9 pupils who have taken part in the Kitchen Garden Project, hopefully we will be back next year, bigger and better!

    The kitchen garden experience has taught me multiple things, such as how to plant different vegetables in an array of different shapes and sizes; the experience has also taught me about how to cook an absolutely delicious meal that I have made many times since we first made it all together!  I enjoyed planting the vegetable seeds first of all as it was a real learning experience about how to more or less tell the difference between weeds and edible foods! I also absolutely loved the cooking masterclass with Chef Ruth, cooking the spicy potatoes and yogurt sauce and carrot coleslaw, as I could probably make it again without the recipe as I enjoyed it so much it stuck in my head!!  I have learnt from the many times I made the dish ways I can get better at making it, learning how to get the potatoes just right, the spring onions not too thick but not too thin for the sauce and not to put too much lime juice in the carrot coleslaw; getting better slowly but surely adapting to the notes i made mentally on how to make it perfect.  Overall, I would say that the whole experience was so enjoyable and I loved every second of it (especially when we got to eat what we made) yum!
    Thank you!!

    Lana 7T

    I really liked being a part of this cooking/plant growing session as I learnt many new techniques such as the claw and bridge cutting method, and the food that we made was really good.  I'd love to try making it again. I thought the food would taste like vegetables but it turned out really flavourful.
    Maisha 9C

    I enjoyed this session because it was great fun. I learned to make a special vegetarian curry with fresh vegetables and herbs and interesting spices.  I fried the potatoes and made a cold sauce with fresh herbs, garlic and yoghurt.  The best bit was eating our food at the end of the session, it was incredibly delicious and unforgettable for me.  I wish we could have more sessions like that.  It was nice to meet and work with a real-life chef, Chef Ruth was very friendly and funny with the class.
    Shyanne 7M

    Ms Toman
    Assistant Headteacher