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    Summer Term History Competition

    In the Easter holidays this year, Mr Gunn was walking on the banks of the river Thames and found the following object;

    He emailed the Museum of London who confirmed that it is a dice made from bone dated from Roman to late Medieval times (43AD- 1485AD).

    The History Department summer term competition this year is the following;

    Using your historical imagination, write a story that tells the history of this dice.

    This could be a short story, a poem or any other format which provides some insight into the history of the object.

    Some ideas to help;

    How did it end up in the river?

    • Might someone have lost lots of money gambling and thrown it into the river?
    • Could it have fallen out of someone’s pocket as they boarded a boat to travel?
    • Might it have slipped from the hands of a pickpocket?

    Which period was it from?

    Another (slightly out of focus picture) to further your imagination:

    Please email your entries to Mr Gunn,, by 4pm on Monday 7 June.