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    Headteacher’s News

    Enjoy the holiday!
    This will be the final Friday News of the term; I hope all of you will be able to rest and enjoy the forthcoming break. It has been a tiring term for everyone, and I’m so pleased that most students have been able to attend continuously and make great progress with their learning. Just as importantly, they have been able to socialise with their friends, interact face-to-face with teachers and access support in school for their mental and emotional well-being.


    Safety measures over Christmas
    If your son or daughter develops Covid-19 symptoms over the first weekend of the holiday, please arrange to attend a test centre. Do not apply for a postal test. If the test result is positive, you must immediately notify the school by email ( If the school is advised of a positive test result, arising from symptoms – on either Saturday 19th or Sunday 20th – we will be obliged to alert all ‘close contacts’ and issue PHE self-isolation orders.

    If any pupil develops symptoms or obtains a positive test result from Monday 21st onwards, you do not need to contact the school. The NHS Test and Trace service will issue any relevant alerts. If, for any reason, a pupil is not returning to school on Monday 4th January, please contact us – with the reasons – in the normal way before term begins.

    Unfortunately, the age group with the highest rate of COVID-19 infections is now in school years 7-11 - the main school years of secondary education - follow link below for details:

    Infections and death

    Younger age groups still most likely to test positive for the coronavirus.
    4 December 2020
    Coronavirus (COVID-19 ) infections and hospital admission rates decreased in the week ending 29 November 2020 . Deaths are continuing to rise but at a slower rate than earlier in November.
    According to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Survey (CIS), the proportion of people testing positive for the coronavirus has decreased in all age groups over the last week. School-age children and young adults remain the age groups with the highest positivity rates.

    Source: Office for National Statistics

    This means that we must continue to be very rigorous in implementing our ‘Safe Behaviour’ rules, with students staying strictly in their zones, socially distancing where possible and practising respiratory and hand hygiene at all times.


    Headteacher commendations, Autumn Term
    It was a real pleasure for me to go around to all the assemblies recently and give out Headteacher Special Commendations. Teachers do feel that students have made headway with catching up, though we are not complacent about this and our catch-up programme will be developed and enhanced through the Spring Term. Commendation details are below:

    Congratulations to the following students, who have received Headteacher commendations for Community Spirit. Please follow THIS LINK to website.

    In addition, we were delighted to see so many students receiving commendations for excellent work in their curriculum subjects - the total numbers per year group were as follows:

    • Y7 -   19
    • Y8 -   37
    • Y9 -   65
    • Y10 - 33
    • Y11 -  51

    Julia Griffiths - tribute by Elizabeth Kitcatt, headteacher of The Camden School for Girls
    We heard with deep sadness of Julia’s death on 15th October.  Julia attended this school from 1949 - 1956. Julia was a House Monitor in the Upper Sixth and left to pursue teacher training at East Hampstead Training College, after taking A levels in history, English and economics.

    Julia wrote a poem in 1956 which really captures the Camden spirit at the moment the whole school moved into its brand new building that year:

    The Charge of the Camden Brigade Poem

    Julia joined COGA in 1956. She became Chair in September 2011 and remained in that role until her death.

    I met Julia when I took over as headteacher at the school in 2010 and was immediately full of admiration for her dedication, energy and commitment to the wonderful group of COGA members who remained in touch with each other and the school years (and decades) after leaving. Julia was a regular visitor to the school and very supportive of our music and performance events. She took a real interest in our students, interviewing our Head Girls and Boys and fully recognising their contribution to the school's sense of community through events such as Founder's Day. Julia also interviewed members of staff and captured their perspective on the school’s work - these documents are full of interest for current and future generations.

    Julia was gifted in inspiring trust and confidence in others. Hard-working and generous, she brought out these qualities in others and showed real interest in people she met. This is reflected in the remarkable COGA Newsletter that Julia and the COGA committee produce every year, which is full of fascinating contributions from past pupils.

    Julia really personified those characteristics we aim to nurture in our students to this day; community spirit, inclusivity and joy in learning. She was immensely knowledgeable about the school, about members of COGA and about education, and it was always a delight to have a conversation with her.

    Julia's work with COGA added something very special to the school - a very precious friendship with an incredible group of women who carry a sense of connection with the school and with each other through their lives. They are an inspiration to our current staff and students, and Julia personified that sense of the importance of connection, valuing the past and celebrating the present.

    We will miss her so much and we are deeply grateful for her outstanding contribution to COGA and to the school.


    End of term arrangements
    These are as follows:

    Thursday 17th December

    • Last Day Sixth Form (full day but finishing at end of P7, 2.30pm)
    • Main School Finish 2.30pm

    Friday 18th December  

    • Main School Christmas Assembly - Parts 1 & 2
    • Remote assembly with students in their tutor rooms
    • Finish at 12pm

    Elizabeth Kitcatt