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    Maths Webinars for Parents

    Hello everyone,
    I hope you are all well, and coping in these challenging times. After so many of you shared our last free webinar with your parent networks, we decided to do three more in January.

    This time the focus is common mistakes students make in Years 6, 7 and 8 and how to help at home.

    I will dive into the 200+ million answers on Diagnostic Questions to find the 5 most common mistakes made by students of each Year. For each mistake I will suggest some free resources and activities that parents can use with their children at home to help them better understand the concept.

    The aim is to help parents feel better connected to school mathematics, and reduce the anxiety surrounding supporting their children.

    Once again, each webinar is completely free, and parents can reserve a spot here:
    The dates of the webinars are:

    • Year 6 parents: Jan 7th at 8pm
    • Year 7 parents: Jan 14th at 8pm
    • Year 8 parents: Jan 21st at 8pm

    If you know parents of 10-13 years olds who would be interested, please feel free to pass on the message to your networks. Plus we're throwing in free Eedi Family for a year to 10 randomly selected parents that attend too! 
    As a teacher, you are more than welcome to join, however the focus will be on supporting parents. But if you are afraid of missing out, then fear not... I'll share the Top 5 mistakes for each age group in these weekly emails after each webinar. 
    Thanks for reading and take care,