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    This week: Kindness and Leadership Leading Lights Award, Year Eleven

    Kindness and Leadership Leading Lights Award

    I am delighted to announce that Olivia Camillo has been given a Kindness and Leadership Leading Lights Award. The Kindness List is sponsored by Lloyds Bank; here is a link to the website

     The creators of the list describe it thus:

    Why is this list important?

    In a divided and turbulent world, leaders come under pressure to be strong and to do ‘what is needed’. Today’s political and business climate is such a time and in response, we are seeing a resurgence of debate over what it takes to deliver effective leadership in a fragile environment. Kindness is in the fray of this battle. Kindness builds trust, confidence and loyalty, but it can also be seen as a soft skill and a ‘nice-to-have’.

    We believe we need to change this dialogue so as to ensure permanent cultural change that will help businesses and individuals to recover and thrive. The 2020 Kindness & Leadership, 50 Leading Lights List shines a spotlight on the incredible value that kindness can bring to a leader’s toolkit. The list gives invaluable insight into leaders who are using kindness to change lives, to inspire adaptability and resilience, to foster true collaboration and, ultimately, enable people and organisations to succeed. “

    Olivia was suggested by some sixth formers who were here a few years ago, and Janet Pope, our Chair of Governors put the idea to me - I fully supported this and wrote the following nomination:

    Olivia’s kindness, the importance she gives to student wellbeing and her approachability make her the ideal person to enable students to feel welcome and safe. Olivia has a natural warmth and friendliness which students and colleagues like and respect. This is combined with enormous determination to see students succeed; her kindness is not in any way a sign of weakness; quite the opposite. It manifests itself in an uncompromising professional vision that only through combining a welcoming and compassionate ethos with high standards and expectations can we help students grow and achieve in their final school years.

    I hope you’ll join me in congratulating Olivia on this wonderful achievement!


    Year Eleven Conference, parents evening and mock examinations

    Year Eleven students are now working hard to prepare for their GCSE mock examinations in December. These exams will provide vital information about their progress and will help students, teachers and parents to know where they have strengths and where they still need to put in further effort. I hope that the parents’ evening and Year Eleven Conference has also given parents and students the information they need about their current performance and the choices they can make about post-16 pathways.

    Elizabeth Kitcatt