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    Headteacher’s News

    This week: Year 7 Survey, Pink Day and Year 11 Parents’ Consultation

    Year Seven survey
    We’re very pleased that our year seven students are settling in very well. We carried out a survey with them before half-term and they gave us this feedback:

    • The Y7 bubble is good because we have the library
    • Good things include the teachers, friends, sports and science
    • Caring teachers to help and support you
    • Good learning resources

    86% felt they were coping well with the transition to secondary school, 11% didn’t know, 3% felt they were not.

    One comment came up under ‘What could be better’ which was about wanting to be able to eat outside.

    Pink Day total

    Year 11 Parents’ Consultation
    Parents of Year 11 students will know that we held our first ever virtual parents’ consultation this week, with parents and students logging into Google Meet to have a screen-based consultation with teachers. The appointments are booked in advance using software that enables us to avoid any clashes. Teachers have fed back to us that this went well, and I would be happy to receive any comments that parents would like to share with me about the process. Please forward these to

    I do hope parents and students found this helpful as our Year Elevens prepare for their mock GCSE examinations.

    Elizabeth Kitcatt