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    CASCA News

    20 for 2020 Campaign

    Our new fundraising campaign is up and running and has had a very positive response so far. We are looking to raise £20k in 20 days by donations of £20 per student. We need to raise money for art equipment, chrome books and outdoor seating. CASCA’s ability to fundraise has been severely affected but we remain committed to CSG and to the teaching and safety of the students.

    We have currently raised in the region of £6000, which is amazing, thank you all who have donated. Will still have some way to go but with your support we will get there.

    If you haven’t already donated please go to your Parent Pay account and find 20 for 2020, add you donation into the amount box and if you are a UK taxpayer please fill in your name, address and postcode into the notes section so that we are able to claim Gift Aid.

    Thank you so much for supporting this campaign.