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    Headteacher’s News

    This week: Support for mental health at Camden School for Girls

    I’m delighted to announce two new appointments of colleagues who will expand and extend the provision we will be able to offer students (and staff) to promote good mental health and to support students who may be struggling.

    We now have an Assistant Mental Health Co-ordinator who will work with senior and pastoral staff on enhancing and developing the school’s mental health support provision. This role includes supporting and championing activities which promote emotional health and well-being, giving vulnerable students the chance to express their views and helping staff to identify signs of anxiety, as well as co-ordinating early interventions.

    We also have another part-time Learning Mentor in the Sixth Form who will work to promote resilience and mental health alongside seeing individual students to provide support tailored to their needs.

    Referrals will be made through pastoral staff.

    We are prioritising these appointments as we recognise that students may experience more anxiety at the moment as a result of the lockdown and continuing worry about COVID. As always, the aim is to address specific individual issues with students and to develop preventative work, increase resilience, and help young people to have their own strategies that support their well-being.


    I hope you enjoy the article about The Velvet Underground by Ivy, (Y10), in this week’s edition - a superb piece of writing. Well done Ivy!

    Elizabeth Kitcatt