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    This week: Well done, Jack Amiel Award

    Well done!
    We have now experienced 2 full weeks of school life in our new year zones or bubbles. Students and teachers have needed to be very adaptable and I am delighted that they have all risen to the challenge brilliantly. The arrangements are more complex than normal, of course, but everyone is making a real effort to remember our risk-reduction rules and to be in the right place at the right time.

    Many thanks to all parents for supporting this and helping you daughter or son to be ready for school and to follow the new safety measures we have put in place.

    Jack Amiel Award
    Congratulations to Aaliyah, who has just left Y13 to take up a place to study medicine at Imperial College. We are immensely proud of her and particularly delighted to give her the Jack Amiel Award.

    Dr Butterworth, Aaliyah’s teacher, described her in these words:
    ‘In her time at Camden, Aaliyah was always notable for her friendliness, positive attitude and enthusiasm for learning. From the beginning she had the ambition to study medicine and she did not lose sight of that goal. She listened carefully to advice and feedback, which she implemented to advance her understanding. Her excellent progress through the course reflected her consistent diligent effort and engagement. She suffered setbacks and challenges but whatever happened, she came to class with a smile on her face and the determination to learn. That is what impressed me most about Aaliyah. She has a well-deserved place at Medical School at Imperial and aims to make her father proud’

    The Jack Amiel Award is very generously provided by the family of a previous CSG student, who died, very sadly, in 2014. The details are below:

    Jack Amiel was an A-level student at Camden from 2004-2006 and it was here that his love and passion for science was nourished and encouraged. This enabled him to go on to read neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh and gave him the confidence to start to forge a career in this field. The Jack Amiel Science Award has been created in his memory by his aunt, Liv Amiel (herself an ex Camden student). It is funded by sales of her artworks, which include her 'Making Sense' series, etchings reflecting the intricacy of the human brain, which so inspired Jack.

    Each year, an award of £250 will be given to a selected sixth former to recognise their achievement at A level and help them at the start of their science degree.

    Many thanks to Jack’s family and to Aaliyah for being such a delight to teach and such a fabulous role model.

    Elizabeth Kitcatt