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    History Summer Term Essay Competition

    This term, the History Department has run an essay competition asking students to answer the following question;

    ‘It is right for statues of people involved in immoral activities (like the slave trade) to be pulled down’. How far do you agree?

    The competition was open to all students from Year 7 to Year 12 and gave them an opportunity to engage with current events in the UK, USA and around the world.

    The response from students was fantastic - it was great to see so many entries from students across the school. They really showed an excellent ability to grapple with complex issues and use a range of examples to support their arguments.

    The results are as follows and all students should be congratulated on their excellent essays.

    • Year 7 winner - Romy (7R)
    • Year 7 runner up - Verity (7R)
    • Year 8 winner - Fawziyah (8M)
    • Year 8 runner up – Zoe (8T)
    • Year 9 winner - Eliza (9M)
    • Year 9 runner up - Rafaela (9R)
    • Year 12 winner - India
    • Year 12 runner up - Rhanee

    Mr Gunn