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    CASCA News

    I hope that you are all safe, well and are managing with this ‘new normal’ way of life.

    Please find attached the Annual Report for 2019-20 and the Income and Expenditure Report.

    We have had a very positive year to our fundraising, although it had to end rather abruptly. We have financed the resurfacing of the netball court, funded green screens for the outdoor space and bought new equipment for the DT Department.

    This has only been possible due to your support and donations at all of our events.

    The year ahead will be a challenging one and we are having to quickly rethink how we fundraise and support our community.

    Some of our regular events have been cancelled already and it is highly likely that more will be too. Alternatives are being sought so we are able to continue with our fundraising.

    We still have a huge responsibility to the school and although the future may present some difficulties, with your help we will rise to the challenge.

    Many Thanks

    CASCA Vice Chair