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    Birkbeck History Conference

    On Tuesday 16 June, thirteen Year 12 students took part in a virtual conference hosted by Birkbeck, University of London. The focus of the conference was ‘Studying the Past’ and was designed for students who were interested in studying History at university.

    The conference began with an introduction to History at university by Birkbeck’s Head of Department Professor Jan Rueger, and then students went into smaller groups to focus on a particular area of interest for them. The sessions allowed students to engage with primary and secondary sources and discuss the topics with academics. The sessions were incredibly varied and our students took part in sessions on the following topics;

    • Stalin’s Russia
    • Britain and the origins of the Arab-Israeli conflict
    • Radicalism and Revolution in the age of the German Unification
    • Riot, Revolution and the Crisis of the British Monarchy, 1640-60
    • Nazi Germany and the Holocaust
    • South Africa from Apartheid to Rainbow Nation
    • Trafficking, Smuggling and Modern Slavery in the age of Migration and Borders
    • Italian Political Exiles and International Anti-Fascism

    Following the sessions, students then took part in a general discussion about studying History at university.

    The Year 12 students were overwhelmingly positive about the event and found the sessions informative and a great opportunity to discuss topics with leading academics.

    Mr Gunn
    Head of History