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    Community Safety - Network Rail

    As a Community Safety Manager at Network Rail it is my role to ensure people understand the dangers both on and near the railway and the far-reaching consequence of someone’s decision to trespass. 

    Key messages:

    • At present the trains are still running (although this may be at different times to usual so never presume you know when the next train will pass)
    • It is against the law to trespass on the railway and can result in a fine of £1000
    • The Electricity is ALWAYS switched on around the railway
    • Always Stop, Look and Listen before using a Level Crossing

    You can access educational resources on rail safety via our website at

    For younger children Network Rail created our ‘Stay safe with Thomas’ story book which you can download for free on

    The link to our hard-hitting anti-trespass campaign is  Please note this is suitable only for children aged over 11 years old.


    If you would like any additional information then please contact the Network Rail national helpline  

    Thank you in advance for helping to keep our communities safe when near the railway.

    Kind regards