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    Y9 English - Poetry

    Ms Smith and Ms Trench’s Year 9 English classes are studying poetry by women, including Maya Angelou, Emily Dickinson, Audre Lorde and Sylvia Plath. Here are some poems by students inspired by Maya Angelou’s ‘The Caged Bird’ and Emily Dickinson’s ‘I’m Nobody’.

    Poems inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem ‘The Caged Bird’

    Scantily supplied with air
    His feet are tied
    His wings are clipped          
    But his beak is unchained
    So the caged bird
    Opens his throat
    And sings for freedom
    By Nawal 9M


    The caged bird cries
    His wings still clipped
    His feet still tied
    For futures
    are flighty
    And nights are long
    But still we wait
    Fall soon.
    By Elspeth 9R


    A free bird hears the sounds
    of the caged bird’s tears
    and its song of freedom resounds
    across the distant hill
    all that could be heard
    was the caged bird’s fearful trill
    it longed for freedom
    what it didn’t know
    was that one day freedom would come
    By Aquila 9R


    The caged bird will watch from afar,
    the door to his freedom hardly ajar,
    fear beginning to cloud his eyes,
    so he opens his throat to sing.
    By Emma 9T


    They hear his cries
    Loud, filled with dread
    They hear him
    But don’t turn their head
    They want to help
    But sing instead
    Of their life
    Filled with freedom.
    By Uliana 9R

    Poems inspired by Emily Dickinson’s poem ‘I’m Nobody’

    I’m weak !
    Do you ever feel the same?
    My strength has disappeared !
    I feel weak - i look weak- i am weak !
    As a women- i should be empowering- and strong
    But i feel the opposite !
    By Rosie 9C


    I am myself !
    It’s hard to explain my feelings!
    I just know there is something strong inside me…
    Sometimes I explode like volcano eruption
    and sometimes I go dormant…
    But that is me, myself.
    By Jana 9M


    I’m..not a puppet
    don't pull strings 
    lips sewn shut
    put for display 
    no control 
    no voice
    no actions
    By Klara 9C


    I’m gone!
    Are you still there?
    Where’s my face, my arms and my legs?
    I’ve disappeared! - where am I?
    I cannot find myself - my voice has vanished
    Can you help me?
    By Marie 9C


    I’m smart?
    You’re smart
    Do I look smart or do I just have high scores?
    you're funny
    Am I or do I just cover up my emotions and how I'm feeling?
    By Hala 9R