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    Y8 English - Poetry

    Year 8 did work on pastoral poetry in their poetry unit. Their task was to write in the style of Cecil Day Lewis's poem Come live With me and be my Love, using the first line Come live with me in Lockdown Land. They also had to use iambic tetrameter and rhyming couplets. 

    By Ms Essery:
    Come live with me in lockdown land,
    PM Boris Johnson is on hand,
    To guide us with advice and warn,
    That social distancing is the norm.

     I’ll see my friends by doing zoom,
    And thou shall work in google classroom,
    At evening outside our front door,
    For the NHS we’ll clap and roar.

    Joe Wicks and morning exercise,
    I probably won’t be getting a prize,
    Star jumps and pushups I’m not completing,
    Digestives and crisps instead I keep eating.

    Just family and cat can reside with me,
    It’s entirely out of the ordinary,
    If these delight then raise your hand,
    And live with me in lockdown land.


    By Florence:
    Come live in lockdown land,
    Exercise, shopping isn’t banned,
    Remember to social distance,
    You have symptoms, call assistance.

    Google classrooms work done at home,
    Using a computer or phone,
    Running, cycling to keep me fit,
    And watching netflix quite a bit.


    By Joana:
    Come live with me in lockdown land
    So that the virus does not expand
    I’ve become an olympic binge-watcher
    If you need a recommendation, don’t fear i've gotcha

    Join me in my schedule that is oh so busy
    Which consists of TV until I feel dizzy.
    Next year you’ll find me on GBBO
    Cause I’ve been baking cakes like such a pro

    Joe wicks is trying to keep me fit
    But whether he can, I highly doubt it
    My tummy’s expanding rather rapidly
    Much to the disappointment of my jeans.

    If you do, try and video call me
    Don’t be surprised if I’m in my onesie
    Don’t let me catch you going outside
    More than once for daily exercise!

    So if this does appeal to you,
    Come live with me and join the crew!
    So that Covid doesn’t get out of hand
    Come live with me in lockdown land!


    By Marli:
    Come live with me in lockdown land
    Where we can walk hand in hand
    Oh no! We can't it slipped my mind
    Another way we have to find

    In the streets we’re seldom seen
    It's all thanks to covid 19
    So stay safe at home, tea in hand
    And join me in lockdown land


    By Josephine:
    Come live with me in lockdown land
    Where we can never see my friends and band
    No one out there in the streets
    Yet in my garden I may enjoy the heat

    Happy birthday to you
    It's a shame I cannot even see you
    Maths, English, Science repeat
    You can have a break but better be discreet


    By lyra:
    Come live with me in lockdown land
    Instant coffee always to hand
    We’ll take naps every moment spare
    Leave the house if you really dare

    Do online school don’t get behind
    Endless banana bread you’ll find
    Facetiming friends every minute
    Netflix party, we’ll rewatch IT


    By Isis:
    Come live with me in Lockdown Land,
    Life is turning ever so bland,
    One time a day you can go shop,
    Social distancing isn’t a flop.

    Homeschooling is the new normal,
    Clearly I’m not being formal,
    If you show serious symptoms,
    The superbrave NHS comes.


    By Ondine 
    Come live with me in lockdown land,
    Where my many books are near at hand.
    5pm, the daily briefing,
    Tsking miserably at the Pm’s ceaseless talk, new plans of action baffling.

    School at home,
    So YouTube I roam.
    Outside we went for daily exercise, eyes bleary,
    Though now no longer, for it’s cold and dreary.

    If all this talk of dull action,
    Makes you jump with a spritely reaction,
    Merely extend a hand,
    And live with me in lockdown land.

    Well done girls,

    Ms Essery and Ms Trench