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    Headteacher’s News

    Welcome to our first Friday News after half term. It’s a real bumper edition this time with lots to enjoy. Once again, we see our students being creative, thoughtful and concerned about the wider world. You may be in lockdown, but you are still thinking about our wider society, with reflections on acts of kindness in sport - some really inspiring gestures described here - and a fascinating article about the treatment of black people in Tudor times. There is some excellent writing and we’ve received stunning artwork inspired by lockdown.

    Head Girl Team election
    I’m really impressed with the campaign material for this year’s Head Girl Team, and I’ve heard from the current team that there is real interest in this election. Mahfuza wrote to me as follows:

    The current Yr 11 Head Girls including myself are extremely impressed with the hard work and enthusiasm coming from all the year groups as well as the candidates; it's just amazing and really shows how strong our CSG spirit is even though we aren't at school.

    This is great news - our students are committed and full of ideas even though they have to express these remotely. We’ll just have to imagine the posters and banners this year….!

    ‘Racism is not an American disease’
    I’ve included an article by Georgia Gould, Leader of Camden Council in this week’s Friday News in case you haven’t seen it. It’s a really powerful piece of writing in which Councillor Gould refers to the heartbreak we all feel at the moment as we reflect on the terrible murder of George Floyd by a police officer in America. She also recognises that many members of our BAME community in Camden experience the impact of racial inequality in their daily lives, and says that as part of a range of measures Camden Council wants to see Black history (and achievement) celebrated all year round.

    Full article by Georgia Gould, Leader of Camden Council

    This reminded me of the outstanding work carried out by our Head Girl Team this year during Black History Month, when they published a daily profile of the achievements of a remarkable person from a BAME community, many of whom had never received the recognition they deserve. Look back at our editions of the Friday News on 11 October and 18 October 2019 to see coverage, a really memorable celebration.

    Our resolution in the school is to work alongside Camden Council in its stated aim, as Councillor Gould writes:   ‘ to turn our anger into action to address racial injustice.’

    Thank you to all staff and students for making this such an enjoyable and interesting newsletter. Best wishes to you all,

    Elizabeth Kitcatt