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    Sport and Mental Health

    As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, Year 7 and 8 did some research on people showing kindness to others in sport.

    One task was to come up with ways in which they could show kindness to others in PE lessons. Here are some examples from Gracie, Ruby and Jaimie in 7M, and Alice and Mariam 7T:

    • I can encourage others. Not everyone is confident at playing sports.
    • I can play by the rules. Don’t cheat.
    • Sportsmanship. Winning is not everything. Performing to the best of your ability whilst helping others to achieve their best is fair.
    • Still be kind to the opposing team even if they win.
    • Help someone when they hurt themselves e.g. falling down.
    • If someone feels left out, make them included.
    • If someone doesn't know what to do in a situation help them out.
    • If someone is doing something wrong or doesn’t understand, we can show or explain to them.
    • If someone isn’t getting the ball often, we can pass to them so they can have a turn.
    • If someone forgets a hair tie, we can lend one to them.
    • If someone is feeling ill or is injured we can help them by telling a teacher or giving them water.
    • Help them if they think they can't do it, say “you can do it, you can do it”.


    They also researched examples of kindness being shown in professional sport:

    In a football match, a girl on one of the teams had her hijab start to slip off, so 5 girl’s on the opposing team formed a human shield so that she could fix it and not have to go against her religion. I think that this shows a lot of kindness and respect as well as support. (Joana, 8M)

    In an Olympic race, a runner tripped and was injured when the other came and picked her up and helped her continue and they both managed to cross the finish line. (Abi, 8M)

    In the mens’ winter olympics 2014 Russian skier Anton Gafarov broke his ski during the cross country skiing semi final. The coach of the Canadian cross country ski team, Justin Wadsworth rushed over and gave the Russian skier a new ski so that he could finish the race. (Magdalena, 8T)

    In the 2017 London Marathon, one runner was struggling to even walk to the finish line and nearly collapsed and another runner stopped and helped him to walk across the finish line. He sacrificed a possible personal best but thought that kindness was more important. I think this is a great act of kindness because he didn’t need to stop. (Zoe, 8T)

    Ms Devine