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    Y7 English - Poetry

    Year 7 did a unit last half term called Being a Girl. They considered what it means to be a girl in the 21st century, thought about gender stereotypes and looked at the way that shops treat girls and women by marketing toys, books and clothes in a certain way. They also examined the inherent sexism in fairy tales and created updated versions to reflect what girls are capable of. At the end they wrote a poem celebrating being themselves which were really brilliant.

    Ms Essery

    Being a girl – By Hannah
    Being a girl is being yourself,
    And standing up for what you believe in
    It’s caring when bad things happen, and staying strong
    And crying hysterically, and taking care of people you love
    And being independent, and depending on someone
    Being a girl isn’t one thing
    Girls can be kind, and they can be violent, and tough
    Girls can be sweet and tender
    Or they can be strong
    And turn you away
    Girls can be hurt, and hurt others
    Girls are unpredictable
    And once they decide something, they stick to it
    Girls are loyal to their friends And they are honest, when they should be
    You are not a girl
    So do not judge them like you are, or know them so well
    All girls are different
    You cannot use them
    If you do you will regret it, trust me
    I am a girl
    I’m myself all days of the year
    I stand up for what I believe in
    I care when bad things happen
    I stay strong and cry hysterically
    I take care of people I love
    And I am independent
    And I depend on people
    I can be kind, and violent, and tough
    I can be sweet and tender, and strong
    I can turn you away
    I can be hurt, sometimes by you, I am unpredictable
    And once I decide to do something, I do it
    I am loyal to my friends and I am honest, when I should be
    Do not use me, or I will make sure you regret it,
    I am a girl
    I will not change myself for anyone,
    I will let no one mould me,
    I will wear what I like, and what I wear is an excuse for nothing
    I will say what I like and think what I like
    Excuse me? You think I’m defensive?
    Maybe so, but if I wasn’t you could just trample all over me,
    Crush my dreams
    I think I’ve made my point now,
    I am a girl, and you’d better respect me for it

    I am a girl – By Pauline
    I am a girl.
    I can look good in a dress
    Or in trousers or a t-shirt.
    I can stand up for myself
    In the heat of the moment
    And praise myself
    For getting good marks on a test.
    I can multitask
    And show off my long, luscious hair
    And at the end of the day, I can feel proud for being a girl.

    Being a girl – By Savannah  
    What about being a girl?
    Is there anything wrong about that?
    I am just as 
    And proud
    As any boy
    I will not be written down
    As sugar and spice
    And I stand tall
    I will not be walked over
    Because I am a girl

    Being a girl – By Darya
    Being a girl, it’s great!
    You choose who you want to be
    You choose what you want to do
    There is no limit to your freedom.
    People may say things such as:
    You throw like a girl
    You’re weak because you're a girl.
    But being a girl isn’t a bad thing
    You just need to say to them to try harder
    And maybe then they will
    Be able to do things like a girl too.
    Some girls prefer an adventure outdoors
    Some girls prefer an adventure indoors,
    But that doesn’t mean we should be judged.
    It means we are ourselves
    And we are good enough for anyone.
    Being a girl is great!

    Being A Girl – By Ciara
    Being a girl is hard
    But if they just believe
    They will do well
    They can follow their dreams

    Girls can be whatever they want to be
    And nothing or noone  is going to stop them
    To aspire their  dreams that
    Will definitely come true

    Girls can change the world
    Girls can prove others wrong
    Girls can fight and get what they want
    Girls show others that anything is possible
    Girls are strong, amazing, trustworthy                  
    And can get through anything
    That life throws at them                                                     

    Being a girl - By Ariam
    It is said that girls should be beautiful and polite,
    Should be delightful, intelligent and bright,
    But how about who us people are really like inside,
    Does that need rules or a guide?

    Most children are brought up with stereotypes,
    Whether it’s a women being a nurse or a man being a businessman wearing a tie with stripes,
    But what if a woman wanted to run a successful business?
    Would other people think she was being too ambitious?

    I believe that people shouldn’t change for others,
    Change inside with different colours,
    I am a woman,
    Full of pride,
    And will never be ashamed,
    Or want to hide.

    Being A Girl – By Lili
    Being a girl,
    I find hard to describe
    I’m not yet quite sure
    But am part of that tribe.

    Some wear makeup
    Whilst others go pure
    But that doesn’t matter
    Of that I am sure

    We can be who we want
    And stand up for others
    Deciding what's right
    And hang out with our brothers

    Bee yourself - By Beatriz
    Everyone can do whatever they please
    I know, because I’m the bee's knees.
    Being a girl is much like a boy
    They can wear the same clothes and use the same toy.
    I’ve never been told that there’s things I can’t do
    If it’s possible for me it’s possible for you.
    Be confident! Don’t stand in your way
    Anyone you want to be, you’ll be one day.

    Being female can mean whatever you want it to mean - By Louise
    Being female means being capable,
    Being female means strong, and valuable.
    Being female means that people will judge you everyday,
    Even if you're dancing on broadway.

    Being female doesnt mean wearing dresses and skirts,
    Being female doesn't mean we never make efforts.
    Being female doesn't mean we are always perfect ,
    But we always have a wonderful effect.

    Surprise! I’m a unicorn – By Marnie
    My hair flows like a rainbow stream,
    My world is pink and glittery.
    I think we can agree this is rather unrealistic
    But thoughtless t-shirt designers have branded all females this way.
    Girls can be interested in a dinosaur top
    Or want to wear a pair of regular sports shorts
    (Despite the awkward crotch pouch they come with).
    They can also put their Lego characters in a rocket, not a salon
    And appreciate Minecraft or Fortnite
    Because they can overlook the scrutiny from overly dominant males.
    And so can I so I am proud.

    Assumptions - By Neve
    Made everyday about everything by everyone.
    Too many thoughts about their appearance and ability.
    Gentle, delicate, soft, meek.
    Capable of everything, they are the workers, money earners.
    Strong, powerful, in control.
    We are all human and these stereotypes need to be broken.
    Be you, anything is possible.