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    Headteacher’s News

    Welcome to this new edition of the Friday News. Once again, it is a pleasure to see students’ work, even though we cannot see them in person.

    Year Eleven and Year Thirteen leavers’ books
    At this time of year, our diaries contain the events we would normally hold for Year Eleven - the Leavers’ Lunch - and Year Thirteen - the Leavers’ Ball. These are important occasions when teachers and students come together to celebrate their time in school and to say goodbye. Students dress up, take photos, exchange ways of staying in touch and really savour the end of an important period in their lives.

    This year, these celebrations simply are not possible. This has been a source of real sadness for the staff and I know it has been terribly disappointing for students as well. They feel robbed of an important rite of passage.

    Unfortunately, we cannot change the circumstances which have led to these cancellations, but we are able to produce the Leavers’ Book for Year Eleven and a similar collection of messages for Year Thirteen. I do hope that these provide an enjoyable collection of memories for our students and a reminder of more cheerful times.


    Year 7-9 timetables
    We have received positive feedback about the Y7-9 timetables, which are enabling students to organise their time more productively and to have a clear way to prioritise their daily schedule. I hope students will have a rest over half term and return to their home learning routine refreshed after the break.

    Wishing you a healthy and enjoyable Bank Holiday weekend,

    Elizabeth Kitcatt