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    Y7 Food Technology

    Year 7 DT Foods students have been working on a range of food related challenges including writing a song about food hygiene and handwashing. Here are two timely responses.

    Washing hands rap (by Lula 7T)
    Turn on the hot tap
    Listen to me rap
    Put soap on your palms
    Please just keep your calm
    Scrub your hands together
    No matter what weather
    Rub in between the fingers
    The covid-19 lingers
    Your hands contain germs
    Don’t be touching worms
    Dry your both hands properly
    Or I’ll steal your property
    Don’t worry, In monopoly
    Ha ha got you tricked
    It’s your nose you picked
    Do it before every meal
    Don’t try to hide or conceal


    Song to wash your hands to (by Kayah 7T​​​​​​​)
    Coronavirus, you dont wanna get,
    If you wash your hands, you will not regret,
    This pandemic is proving to be kind of crazy,
    It’s making us all tired, bored and lazy,
    Even Boris Jonson has got it,

    Well done!
    ​​​​​​​Ms Burns