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    Headteacher’s News

    Welcome to this week’s Friday (Thursday!) News. Once again, it is full of contributions from students which remind us that our school is full of creative, resilient and optimistic young people.

    As you know, we really value student leadership in the school, so I especially enjoyed reading Cassius’s account of his time as Head Boy. He’s given quite a light-hearted overview of his experience, and I’d like to add that he is a very strong role model for others - cheerful, helpful, someone with a real presence around the school. And he is approachable, anyone would feel able to talk to him and know he would listen and be interested in them. These are great leadership skills, and we know many of our students have exactly the same ability and potential.

    I’d also like to thank CASCA for everything they have done this year for the school - do read Irene’s message. It was so disappointing to miss out on the Quiz Night, and to know the Summer Fair also has to be cancelled. I’d like to add my thanks to all of you who donated your ticket payment to the school - such generosity will enable CASCA to carry on its great work providing additional resources for our students. Many thanks to the committee and all involved in making CASCA such a vital part of the school.

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy the other contributions - an award-winning essay, an impressive app design, surreal artwork, music-making, speech-writing, and great news about the energy our solar panels are producing.

    I wish you a restful and enjoyable long weekend.

    Elizabeth Kitcatt