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    International Coding Competition

    Malaika 7C has taken part in an international coding competition over the past two weekends and intervening week. Her team designed an app to ease the stress of lockdown which they called ‘Map My Day’. The winner will be announced on the 15 May. Best of luck to Malaika and her team!

    Malaika’s explanation of the hackathon:

    From 26th April to 3rd May, I participated in a hackathon - a 9-day event where you are put into teams with people you do not necessarily know and have to make an app with them. Because the hackathon was called “Teens In AI”, as the name suggests, we were all aged 12 - 18 (as I am 12, I was the youngest possible to be partaking) and the app had to include AI (Artificial Intelligence). Also, the app had to aid a problem related to COVID-19. Our app idea was designed for 18 - 35 year olds who had been furloughed and had a lot of spare time on their hands, and wanted a way to make sure they still had a healthy routine. If the user created an activity to do (for example, do the groceries) and pressed on it, they would be rewarded with 5 points. 

    The AI part comes in with the APIs, which scan Twitter, Facebook and TikTok for trending quarantine activities to give you an idea of what to do. The full prototype and pitch deck, which we made to show the judges, are here and here. The full project is here. Other teams’ projects can be viewed here. The project made with MIT App Inventor, a platform much like Scratch, is a simple version of the app we will make if we make it through this round. After this round, 10 semi finalists will make it through to the last round. The winner of that round will win £500, second place will win £300, and the top 3 teams will receive 50% off an AI Accelerator. All participants will get to attend CogX AI Festival for free.

    I first entered the hackathon hoping I’d be with some people I know out of school who introduced me to the hackathon and were going to be on my team, but unfortunately that would have made the team too big so I was placed on a team with one person I knew and 3 people I didn't know. We also picked up a member about halfway through the hackathon whose team had sadly disbanded. 

    Malaika, 7C