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    Y9 Writing Speeches in English

    Ms Trench's Year 9 students have been writing excellent speeches in English. A variety of fascinating topics have been explored including Hala 9R on age appropriacy, Rosie 9C on global warming, Faith 9M on Coronavirus advice, Sienna 9M on social media, Jana 9M on online schooling, Elara 9M on knife crime and Marie 9C on gender equality in football.

    Here is an extract from Marie's powerful, personal speech which begins by describing how she fought against adversity to play football:

    "I wanted to prove all these people wrong. The boys from the Sunday training that didn’t believe in me and all adults that found it weird. At the age of 13 I tried for Tottenham Ladies Academy and got in... One coach even said to me “It’s not everyday that we see young girls like you play football”. That may be true but that’s what needs to change. It’s great that women's football is becoming big but we need as much interest in women’s football as in men’s."