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    Campaigning in Lockdown

    Millie 8C has been busy campaigning during the enforced lockdown, integrating her passion for the environment with her learning, by writing to our local MP (and Labour leader):

    Dear Keir Starmer,

    I know this is a time of hardship but I think that you should think about the environment more, as this is the best time to start a discussion in Parliament about the environment.

    I am writing to you because I think that the country could be more green and help the planet more than it is at the moment. There are only 8million trees in London and I think that people would live longer if they had more trees near them and people’s mental health would be better as people would be happier.

    Thank you. Please protect the environment and love the outside spaces available.

    Stay well.

    From Camden School for Girls student Millie