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    Message from Head Girl Team

    Dear All,

    We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. As we didn’t get to speak to everyone before school closures we would like to give a little message to everyone.

    Firstly, we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone including students, parents and staff for all the hard work and effort they have put in to helping us run all of our events throughout this year. We as a team have agreed that regardless of all that has happened this has been a great year. We have been able to run so many events with the help of our CSG community and have raised an outstanding amount of money roughly totalling to around £15 000. We would like to thank you all earnestly for helping us with all our projects this year and it has been so amazing watching everyone get involved and helping us out; we have had the pleasure of being able to meet so many of the students across year groups and parents of the school and it has been absolutely amazing! However, we certainly do realise that for so many of you this will be an extremely hard time coping therefore we would like to help out.

    Recently we have had some online meetings, group conversations etc to discuss ways we can keep students optimistic and motivated. We have been thoroughly planning online competitions via our social media platforms, film/book clubs, quizzes, subject dedicated groups, tutorials etc and figuring out a way we can organise something for everyone to do.

    What we have decided is that we will be running “Online School Council.” In other words, we will very soon be asking via Instagram or maybe in other ways too to reach as many people as possible who will kindly like to join us with our school council council conversations/ meetings weekly until further notice. This will enable us to discuss some of the ideas we have put together for the students to participate in and what everyone will enjoy doing.

    Furthermore we have also taken into consideration that during difficult times it is important to raise awareness of mental health and finding ways to stay positive! So far we have been giving regular reminders via our Instagram account that students are welcome to contact us to talk about any worries as Yr 11 members of our team have been trained to talk to students about their concerns. We would like to of course take this further by relaunching SOS club/Big sister club soon but of course online where we can easily talk to the students however, this is yet to be confirmed. We will also carry on putting together Anxiety Articles in our weekly Friday News as an optional read as of next week.

    Finally we would like to send all our best wishes to all families and would be very grateful if students can get involved with all the activities we are excited to host over the next couple of weeks; please look out for further notices!

    Best wishes,
    Head Girl Team