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    I am very proud and grateful to Camden School to report that Helia Year 13, who chose to make her applications to US universities, has now received all her offers and with the amazing support of her teachers and the team at Camden, Helia received unconditional acceptances to ten of the 11 American universities she applied to -- and was waitlisted at the 11th.

    Amongst a group of other top liberal arts colleges, Helia gained admission to Duke, Yale, University of Chicago, Stanford and Harvard, while being waitlisted at Princeton University. The schools offered her scholarships of between $68,000 and $76,000/year making it possible for her to attend.  Besides the generous scholarship, this was a great achievement as Stanford and Harvard top the world's most difficult universities to gain a place!

    Camden's UCAS support Nicola Bayley and Helia's head of year Ms Londhe worked hard to meet the demanding requirements of US university applications, several teachers gave thought to her applications, and Helia's teachers Mr Stubbings and Mr Cottrell-Boyce went out of their way to write testimonials of the required format which is quite different to UCAS recommendations.

    Helia has until 01 May to make her difficult choice of university.  She needn't declare her decision until her second year, but currently leans heavily towards humanities.  

    Thanks to everyone at Camden for helping make this happen.  

    Emily Murdock (mum of Helia 13UG02)