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    Forthcoming Dates

    Please note that the dates/times noted below are subject to change.


    MARCH 2020

    Monday 16
    Education for Choice working with Y11, Tutor rooms, 10.20am-11am
    Accenture girls in STEM, TBC, 9am-3.30pm
    Sixth form nominees meeting, S5, 12.30pm-1.30pm
    Sixth Form Masterclass: In the shadow of Vesuvius – the life of Pliny with Daisy Dunn, S5, 3.30pm-5pm

    Wednesday 18
    Parents' meeting for Y10 Duke of Edinburgh students, 6pm-7pm

    Thursday 19
    Y12 Art residential trip to Amsterdam, 19 - 21 March
    Y12 History residential trip to Paris, 19 - 21 March
    Y11 Poetry & Macbeth English Mock, Large Studio, 9am-11am
    Sixth Form Masterclass: Risky Business - studying active and highly explosive volcanoes, S5, 3.30pm-5pm
    CASCA Quiz Night, 6.30pm-10pm

    Friday 20
    Y13 Drama A level exam rehearsals, Main Hall

    Saturday 21
    Y13 Drama A level exam rehearsals, Main Hall
    D of E in classrooms, Sixth form, Times to be agreed       

    Monday 23
    Y13 Drama A level exam rehearsals, Main Hall, 2 days
    Y8 Girls HPV 2nd Dose & Teenage Booster Mop up, Studio, 9.30am-1.30pm
    Additonal 6th form assembly, S5, 10.20am
    Sixth Form Masterclass:
    South Africa's ANC – From liberation movement to governing power, 3.30pm-5pm
    Sixth form hustings, S5, 1pm-1.30pm

    Monday 24
    Y11 Physics mock exam, in normal classrooms, 9am-11am
    Y13 Drama exam performance, Main Hall – TBC, 1pm-5pm

    Wednesday 25
    Y11 Maths mock, Large Studio, 9am-11am

    Thursday 26
    Y12 Geography residential trip to Sussex,
    Sixth Form Masterclass:
    What next for the Left and the Labour Party - with Chi Onwurah, S5, 3.30pm-5pm
    Y7 Parents Evening, 5pm-7pm

    Friday 27
    Maths mock, Large Studio, 11am-1pm