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    Headteacher’s News

    This week: Dance Show

    This year’s dance show was truly memorable and energising.  It is always one of my favourite events as it involves so many of our younger students and really gives us a sense that Year Seven students are feeling completely at home in the school and confident enough to perform in front of a large audience of friends and family.

    In addition, students from other year groups danced beautifully on their own, in pairs and small groups or as part of the fabulous Camden School for Girls Dance Company. All the pieces were choreographed by the girls themselves and they were innovative, expressive and joyful.

    It is particularly enjoyable to watch such a range of different dance styles and to see so many students working together. All of these styles are demanding in their own way, requiring discipline, listening skills and the ability to work as part of a team. Students have to learn and memorise a series of movements and make sure they perform them in time with everyone else - not at all easy!

    The performers have worked incredibly hard to put on this show, spending time in and outside lessons learning the routines, and they have shown great dedication and commitment in making it all happen.

    Many thanks to all the parents and friends who came along to the show and gave such enthusiastic support and encouragement. We will be creating a Dance Show gallery next week with the collection of photos from the event.

    None of it would have been possible without fabulous leadership and inspiration from Ms Hamilton and Ms Devine, and we are especially grateful to Amy from Step Into Dance for her guidance and teaching, supported by Jack Petchey.


    Elizabeth Kitcatt