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    Sixth Form News

    Assembly Speaker, 2 March 2020 – Student Finance

    On Monday our Year 13s had a presentation about student finance from Kat who works in the Schools and Colleges Liaison team at City University of London. Kat has become a regular guest of ours - some parents may have seen her at the Year 13 welcome evening back in September, and she recently presented at our Year 12 Higher Education Conference. She is highly knowledgeable about how Student Finance England works and expertly outlined the 2020 figures for tuition fees and maintenance loans and the application process.

    She talked to the group about being alert to opportunities for extra financial support such as university bursaries and equipment grants for students with special educational needs. This is very variable from university to university so she encouraged our students to do their research as part of their decision making process.

    She then talked more generally about student bank accounts, part-time working and budgeting and outlined some of the common mistakes that undergraduates, herself included, often make.

    She also covered the longer term impact of taking out student finance with some very informative tables showing repayments at various salary levels. Her advice is to regard it as a graduate tax rather than a loan.

    She took several questions including one about the impact of student finance on future credit ratings.

    Kat is unfailingly able to present complex information in a very engaging manner and our students were very attentive throughout. We would like to thank Kat for her visit and look forward to seeing her again soon.

    Ms Schofield
    Assistant Headteacher