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    Camden Youth Awards

    Several students, both from main school and sixth form, were nominated recently for this year’s Camden Youth Awards.

    Mahfuza Y11, a member of our head girl team, was one of these students, and we are delighted and proud to announce that Mahfuza has won the Camden Spotlight Award!

    Camden Spotlight Award - ‘we are looking for our award-winning Camden champion of champions!  This person has done something which is both helpful, supportive, understanding, altruistic and kind for an individual or group of people in their community, youth club or school. What is it that this young person has done and why do they stand out above all others? How have they gone above and beyond to make Camden a better place? We want to know why they are exceptional and deserve to hold this most prestigious of Camden awards’

    It was felt by the judging panel that the Camden Spotlight Award better reflected Mahfuza’s journey and achievement.  An invitation to receive the award on 17 March 2020 has been extended to Mahfuza – well done!