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    Cambridge Schools Debating

    On Saturday 15 February, eight students from CSG went to Kingsbury High School to take part in the first round of the Cambridge Union Schools Debating competition.

    The teams were:

    • Charlotte (Year 12) & Bluebelle (Year 13)
    • Amina (Year 13) & Jessie (Year 12)
    • Marlene (Year 12) & Martha (Year 10)
    • Ines (Year 10) & Lola (Year 10)

    The motions debated over the course of the day were;

    • This house would ban all animal testing.
    • This house would require elected politicians and their families to use only services provided by the state.
    • This house believes that the media should show the full horrors of war.
    • This house would require the state to compensate individuals who face criminal prosecution that are not found guilty.

    The teams from CSG debated confidently against schools from around London and were complimented on their analysis of these complex questions. It was particularly pleasing to see that each CSG team won or came second in a debate at least once over the course of the day.

    At the end of the day, unfortunately none of the CSG teams made it through to finals day. It was incredibly close and all teams gave a great account of themselves and proved again how strong debating is at CSG.

    Mr Gunn