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    Dramstock! 2020

    On Friday 31 January we hosted our annual Dramstock! event, featuring students and teachers performing for our entertainment and fundraising.

    I would like to thank all the students who played on the night and Mr Byers for getting all the talent on to the stage. Special mention also for the teachers' band who closed the show in such fine fashion, and to Andy Stevens for updating the logo despite not having a direct connection to the school any more.

    I had dreamed the teachers' band would be called Will Byers And The Stranger Things, but the name they came up with instead, Blackboard Sabbath, was super! 

    Finally, thanks as ever to CASCA for the bar and the school office for publicity and finance stuff.  The evening raised a wonderful £1272.39.

    “This is a fabulous achievement; many thanks to all involved. Not only has a great deal of money been raised to support performance events in school, but another great experience was enjoyed by participants and the audience – Elizabeth Kitcatt, Headteacher”

    Well done to everyone who helped make Dramstock! 4 the success it was.

    Roll on, Dramstock! 5


    Royston Deitch
    Parent & Dramstock! Co-ordinator