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    ICT Department News

    It has been a busy time within the ICT department. Here are a few things students have been involved in recently:

     Matrix Challenge
    The Matrix Challenge is a Cyber Competition run by the Yorkshire and Humberside cyber crime unit in collaboration with regional police crime units across the United Kingdom. We had students across year 7-12 entering the first stage of the competition where they had to complete a series of online challenges covering 5 key topics, Computer Misuse Act 1990, staying safe online, steganography, fault finding in lines of code and cracking a cipher. The challenge included a timed multiple choice quiz.
    We await the results to see if any of our students get through to the next stage where they will be invited to an event in Central London to compete against other students.

    Lego Robotics Challenge
    Last week we took a group of year 7 students who attend our Lego Robotics club to the London finals of the Tomorrow’s Engineers robotics challenge competition. The girls had to work as a team to compete in a range of categories including a speed challenge, team building exercise and a deliver two presentations, alongside the actual robotics challenges.

    Bebras Challenge
    The Bebras challenge is a computational thinking competition, where students develop the problem solving skills and techniques that software engineers use to write programs and apps. We had 150 students across years 7 - 12 enter the competition, a summary of special recognition goes to the following students:

    Age group 16-18

    • Best in school - Niall Year 12
    • Certificate of distinction - Kimberley, LeeRoy both Year 12
    • Certificate of merit - Diego Year 12

    Age group 14-16
    Incredibly we had several girls gain the same marks and got best in school:

    • Mercy, Annabel, Saskia, Eylul, Sophie J, Khadija - Year 10
    • Certificate of distinction - Sumayyah - Year 10
    • Certificate of merit - Zahra and Lucy - Year 10

    Age group 12-14

    • Best in school - Agnes Year 7
    • Certificate of distinction - Verity, Romy and Chloe Year 7
    • Certificate of merit - Louise, Ariam, Violet and Sila Year 7

    AWS GetIT
    AWS Competition update (year 8) - AWS GetIT is an initiative designed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to encourage girls aged 12-13 to consider a career in tech – challenging long standing gender stereotypes. Following a trip to Amazon’s Head office in the Autumn Term and visits to the school from our Amazon ambassador Ramat Tejani (who just so happens to be an ex-CSG student), we have narrowed down entries from across year 8 and have two teams who have designed apps which will be judged by Amazon on competition day in March and if successful, Amazon will work with the girls to construct their APP, test and market it globally.