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    Breaking the Chain Workshop ​​​​​​​

    Last Wednesday, the AlterEgo theatre company visited Years 9 and 10, with a performance workshop about Knife Crime named ‘Breaking the Chain’.

    It was focused around raising awareness about the details of knife crime and aimed at tackle issues surrounding it.

    The performance began with a very intense and emotive retelling of a true story involving a fatal knife attack. The deadly event that occurred resulted in many years in prison for the attacker and the victims were left dead or seriously injured. It really laid bare the dangers of carrying a knife just 'for protection' and that it's much more likely you'll be stabbed if you're carrying a knife. The company continued by performing another story giving insight into all perspectives, involving the victim and a person carrying a knife for protection and status.

    The company managed to use humour as a pathway to fully engage their audience whilst also exploring the harsh realities and dangers of carrying and possessing a knife. The performance finished with a few facts and brought back the shocking actuality and impact of knife crime.

    It was an especially potent message as many similar incidents have taken place in the local area, affecting the whole community and many students.

    Elspeth 9R